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New Profe on the Block

Hello to all! My name is Shannon Fineran and I’m proud to be serving as the American Language Assistant at the Instituto Profesor Tierno Galván this year. I am freshly graduated from the College of William and Mary, located in my home state of Virginia. I live in the north of the state, right next to the Potomac River and about 40 minutes west of Washington, D.C.

Living so close to the capital fostered a great love for travel, learning, and adventure in me from a young age. I am so happy to be back in Spain, living in Andalusia a second time. I first came to Spain in 2013 as a study abroad student in Seville. I fell completely in love with the people, the culture, the climate, and the city. While I relished every opportunity to eat copious amounts of jamón and take innumerable photos of the incredible mudéjar architecture, (not to mention dance my heart out at the Feria), what I treasured most about my experience were the conversations that I had. From these conversations with friends, strangers, teachers, I learned more than I could have ever hoped about Spain, my own country, and even the ways of the world. During this experience, I began to realize what an amazing thing a language is. Language is not just grammar and structures; it is a living being that is always evolving and growing. Language is the true key to a nation and its people because with language comes communication and with communication, understanding.

Therefore, I can’t wait to share my language and culture with the students in La Rambla and hopefully inspire some future travelers, but more importantly, future global citizens who appreciate and celebrate the rich diversity of the world around us.

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